Are tomato frogs poisonous or dangerous?

are tomato frogs poisonous

  Tomato frogs are rare and little-known amphibians that are not exactly popular for being poisonous, but they are poisonous, and cases of them harming humans have been observed and reported; in most cases, these amphibians are not considered a serious threat to humans. But in any case, it is useful to be careful against … Keep reading

Do frogs eat bees? (Is it good for them?)

do frogs eat bees

  Do frogs eat bees? (is it good for them) How do they hunt bees without being stung? Do frogs eat honey too? Have you ever thought about these? Stay with All Amphibians as we explore frogs and bees. Do frogs eat bees? Yes, frogs eat bees, but; Frogs are carnivorous amphibians, and their diet … Keep reading

Frog emotions: can frogs feel happy?

can frogs feel happy

  If you are interested in frogs, stay with us at All Amphibian because we want to explore the emotions of frogs and see if frogs can feel happy. Do frogs have emotions? Most of us have seen frogs many times in our lives. They are usually always near the water, have slimy and shiny … Keep reading

Do frogs feel pain?

do frogs feel pain

  Do frogs feel pain? Have you ever wondered if frogs experience pain like humans? What is their nervous system like? Do we cause them pain by touching frogs? Do frogs feel pain when dissecting them? Stay with us at All Amphibian to find out. Do frogs feel pain? Frogs feel pain and suffer from … Keep reading

Responsibilities of having frogs as pets

frogs as pets

Possessing a pet frog can be enjoyable and rewarding. When you decide to adopt one, it may come with some special benefits and obligations you may not have thought about. in this post we’ll examine the advantages, difficulties, and obligations of keeping frogs as pets in this post. We’ll talk about the need for greater … Keep reading

Can frogs drown in a pond or any water?

can frogs drown

Water has both positive and negative aspects. On the one hand, it serves as many species’ primary source of drinking water and nutrition. On the other hand, even amphibians that depend on it to exist and thrive can die from it. People have long questioned whether frogs can drown in any body of water, including … Keep reading

All about common rain frog (Breviceps adspersus)

common rain frog

Common rain frog ( Breviceps adspersus ) Amphibians are unusual animals, and their characteristics are unlike other animals. The common rain frog is also one of these fantastic animals. They are unique because they are the only type of frog that cannot jump and swim. Most of the year, they stay in their nests waiting … Keep reading

Are frogs herbivores, carnivores or omnivores?

Are frogs herbivores, carnivores or omnivores?

these kinds of amphibians are so curious and can be found everywhere around the globe. However, there is no exact information about what they eat; If you want to know more about these curious amphibians, read this article and get familiar with the interesting frogs and their diet. What do the frogs eat? During working … Keep reading