Are tomato frogs poisonous or dangerous?

are tomato frogs poisonous

  Tomato frogs are rare and little-known amphibians that are not exactly popular for being poisonous, but they are poisonous, and cases of them harming humans have been observed and reported; in most cases, these amphibians are not considered a serious threat to humans. But in any case, it is useful to be careful against … Keep reading

Do frogs eat bees? (Is it good for them?)

do frogs eat bees

  Do frogs eat bees? (is it good for them) How do they hunt bees without being stung? Do frogs eat honey too? Have you ever thought about these? Stay with All Amphibians as we explore frogs and bees. Do frogs eat bees? Yes, frogs eat bees, but; Frogs are carnivorous amphibians, and their diet … Keep reading

Are axolotls poisonous or dangerous?

Are axolotls dangerous

Axolotls, or walking fish, seem dangerous with their strange appearance. Because they belong to the family of salamanders, some of them are poisonous. They look like dragons or lizards, and at first glance, they seem dangerous creatures. Today in all amphibians, we want to find out if axolotls are poisonous or dangerous for humans. Axolotls … Keep reading

Frog emotions: can frogs feel happy?

can frogs feel happy

  If you are interested in frogs, stay with us at All Amphibian because we want to explore the emotions of frogs and see if frogs can feel happy. Do frogs have emotions? Most of us have seen frogs many times in our lives. They are usually always near the water, have slimy and shiny … Keep reading

Do frogs feel pain?

do frogs feel pain

  Do frogs feel pain? Have you ever wondered if frogs experience pain like humans? What is their nervous system like? Do we cause them pain by touching frogs? Do frogs feel pain when dissecting them? Stay with us at All Amphibian to find out. Do frogs feel pain? Frogs feel pain and suffer from … Keep reading