Can newts live with fish? ( Explained )

Can newts live with fish? Newts are attractive pets and easy to care for. They are aquatic and you need a tank to keep them. But are they good tank mates for fish, and can they live with fish? Stay with us, and we will answer this question at All Amphibian.


Can newts live with fish?

Can newts live with fish?

Newts are cute animals that many people like to keep. It is not difficult to maintain them; There are many species of them. Some newts are aquatic and some are semi-aquatic; you need a tank and some land to keep them.

Their living conditions are almost similar to fish, and this has made many people want to keep them in a tank with fish. Newts are not aggressive animals and can be good companions for fish, but you must pay attention to some points to keep newts with fish so that no problem occurs to them.


What is newt?

newts are amphibians and belong to the salamander

Newts are amphibians that are classified in the salamander family. Many of them live in Asia, North America, North Africa, and Europe. Some newts species are aquatic, and some others are semi-aquatic and live on land and water. Like most amphibians, their habitat is in wet areas by rivers, lakes, and freshwater ponds.

They are amazing animals with an uncanny ability to regenerate their damaged and lost organs. They are even able to regenerate some of their main and vital organs. They are very easy to maintain, and many people keep them as pets. Newts live between 10 and 15 years.



Can we keep newts in the fish tank?

To keep newts with fish, you should pay attention to some points. Because each of them has different species and their maintenance conditions are different from each other. Aquatic newts need water in the temperature of warm and humid regions, and usually fish such as goldfish do not survive in high-temperature water.


Therefore, to maintain them, you must first pay attention to the water temperature they need. Also, newts need a bed of sand and small stones to live. Some aquatic plants should also be present in their tank so they have places to hide. To keep semi-aquatic newts, you must divide their living space into two parts because they live on land and water.


You have to make a part of their tank with wood, stones, and sand so they can sometimes get out of the water. To keep fish and newts, you need a large tank so that they have enough space. Small space and crowding cause stress in them and increases the possibility of attack and aggression. Also, try to cover all the cracks around their tank to prevent the newts from escaping. Be sure to put a cover on their tank because the fish can jump out of the water and the newts will also get out of the tank easily.


Do newts eat fish?

Do newts eat fish?

Newts are carnivores. They swallow their prey whole. They usually feed on insects and small vertebrates such as flies, spiders, crickets, worms, and slugs, but in general, Newts eat anything that fits in their mouths. Newts are small, so they cannot eat fish. Of course, there are also larger newts, but they are not usually kept as pets.


Newts are unlikely to eat adult fish because they are usually too large for the newts to eat, and the fish are much faster than the newts and cannot catch them. But in the case of fish spawning, Newts can easily eat the eggs and small baby fishes. But they are not dangerous for adult fish.

Do fishes eat newts?

There are several breeds of aquarium fish. Keeping carnivorous fish and newts in the same tank is not a good idea at all. Fishes like goldfish are omnivores. They also feed on algae and aquatic plants. Fishes usually eat newts if they are small enough. Here too, everything depends on the size of the fish.


If the fish can swallow the newt, it will attack the newt if it is hungry. But the biggest problem is for the eggs and baby newts. Because fishes easily eat eggs and baby newts. To keep newts, you should use a thick vegetation cover and dense aquatic plants because newts can hide their eggs among aquatic plants, Baby newts can also hide well, and fish cannot hunt them.



Positive and negative points in keeping fish and newts together


Most people keep fish like goldfish in their homes. Keeping fish such as goldfish and newts in a tank has some problems as well as some advantages. You can easily keep fish and newts in a tank. In the following, we will discuss the negative and positive points of keeping fish and newts together :


positive points


  • Cold water fish like goldfish and cold water newts need the same temperature to live, and you can easily keep them in a tank and you won’t need to use a heater.


  • Fish and newts have a similar diet. You can feed newts with live insects such as flies, bloodworms, crickets, and brine shrimp. Frozen food is available for newts too, which is very nutritious. Fish can also use these foods. Newts also use fish pellets, and both have the same diet.


  • Newts and fish are peaceful species that are not aggressive. Except for predatory fish, other fish species live easily and without aggression next to newts.


  • Newts and fish need the same environmental conditions and tank size. Fish usually need a tank of 20 gallons of water; aquatic newts can easily live in a tank of this size. Semi-aquatic newts also easily live in a fish tank if they have some area outside the water. Newts are usually deep in the water and on the bottom of the tank and do not disturb the fish.


  • Both of them live in freshwater, and none of them causes disease and transmits parasites to the other. Of course, never use wild newts for keeping because they may carry contamination, but the bred newts found in pet stores do not cause health problems for fish.


keeping fish and newts together


Negative Points


  • Fish such as goldfish eat newt eggs, and baby newts are not safe with them. If you use aquatic species of newts. Regular feeding of fish and having dense vegetation in the tank make the fish less likely to attack the baby newts, and the baby newts can also hide themselves.


  • Newts eat fish eggs and babies fish.


  • Newts and fishes produce a lot of waste, and you have to clean their habitat constantly so that they don’t get sick. For this, you need to use strong filtration devices.


  • You will have trouble feeding them because fish are faster than newts and eat more food. Also, newts eat at the bottom of the water, and fishes will eat their food at the top. Also, newts need a meal every two or three days, but fish get hungry faster and must be fed daily, which causes interference.


  • Newts need vegetation in their habitat to give them places to hide and feel safe. But fishes like goldfish will knock over vegetation, so you need to use sturdy plants that are resistant to fish.



What we learned


Newts are amphibians and belong to the salamander family. They are carnivorous and have an extraordinary ability to regenerate their damaged organs. Some newts are aquatic, and some are semi-aquatic.

You can keep newts in a tank with fish, but you should pay attention to some points because newts eat everything that fits in their mouths. They feed on fish eggs and baby fish. Fishes are also omnivorous and eat newt eggs and newt babies. Big fish also hunt adult newts. To keep newts and fish in a tank, you must first pay attention to their required temperature.

Another thing you should pay attention to is their size. Fish should not be too big to prey on newts. Newts also rarely prey on adult fish. It is better to use a dense cover of aquatic plants in the tank so that the baby newts can hide among them. You need strong filtration to keep newts and fish in the same tank. Also, their diet is similar to each other and may cause problems because fish are faster and eat newts’ food. You can keep fish and newts in a tank by following the above tips.





Can newts live with fish?

Fish can live with newts under certain conditions; otherwise, you can’t keep them in the same tank.


Do newts eat fish?

Newts are carnivores and eat anything that fits in their mouths. They rarely eat adult fish because they cannot catch them. But newts eat fish eggs and small baby fish.


Do fish eat newts?

Fishes like goldfish are omnivores. Big fish eat newts. But fishes feed mostly on newt eggs and baby newts.


What are the problems of keeping fish and newts in the same tank?

Fish eat newt babies and newt eggs. Newts eat baby fish and fish eggs. Both of them produce a lot of waste. The food of both of them is similar to each other, and the fishes eat the food of the newts. Newts need vegetation, but fish destroy weak vegetation.


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