Do axolotls bite? And does it hurt?

Do axolotls Bite? Axolotls are peaceful animals, But they are also carnivores. Do they bite humans? Are their bites dangerous? Join us at All Amphibian to answer these questions.


Do axolotls bite?

Axolotls are peaceful animals. Many people keep them in their homes. They usually have friendly behavior and are less likely to be aggressive. However, axolotls are carnivores.

Hunting and biting are not only part of their nature but also a feature of their eating. The bite of axolotls may not be dangerous for humans, but it works for their smaller prey. They may bite when they feel threatened or become aggressive when stressed.

They may also attack and bite each other. But they are not naturally violent. If an axolotl bites you, it must be provoked for a special reason. Otherwise, they have a calm and friendly demeanor.


Why do axolotls bite humans?

Why do axolotls bite humans?

In general, axolotls are not aggressive and do not attack humans. but if you put your hand in the water near an axolotl, it may bite you. They do this for two reasons. Either to defend themselves or to feed.



If you scare the axolotls and stress it, the Axolotl will attack you and try to bite you. In nature, axolotls are at the top of the food chain and do not have many enemies. For this reason, their body does not have a special defense system.

If they feel danger, they can only run away and hide, and if they have no way to escape and hide, they will bite the attacker to defend themselves. Axolotls usually live in small tanks and running away and hiding is not an option for them, so they will bite your fingers to defend themselves.



What do axolotls eat

Axolotls are top predators in the wild and always welcome a meal. The only way they can hunt is by biting. Biting is one of their eating habits. Also, axolotls have a weak sense of sight and use more of their other senses to hunt and identify prey.

Therefore, Axolotls may easily recognize your finger as food and bite you. Especially if you don’t give them meals on time and they are hungry, the probability of them biting will increase. Try not to put your hand near the Axolotl while feeding them. Also, don’t shake your hands because they may mistake your hand for food.

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Do axolotls bite each other too?

Axolotls are not social creatures. They prefer solitude to social life. Also, due to not having a social life, they do not follow the social hierarchy, and this causes the sense of competition between them to increase.

Axolotls also behave violently when they are hungry and attack each other. Even cannibalism has been seen among them. If you want to keep several axolotls together, it is better to Give them enough space and food.


Why do axolotls bite each other?

Many factors influence the aggressiveness of axolotls and make them attack each other; the most important of them are:


  • Water quality

If the water quality of the Axolotl tank is not suitable in terms of temperature and cleanliness, it will give them an unpleasant feeling and cause stress in the axolotls. So makes them attack each other.

  • Bullying Behavior

All animals have bullying behavior and usually, the stronger ones attack the weaker ones. This behavior is more common among males. Axolotls also behave like other animals. Especially if you put a small axolotl next to a big one, they will show bullying behavior. In this case, you need to separate them because this will not stop until the smaller Axolotl is damaged.

  • Hunger

If you don’t give them food in time and they get hungry, they will become very aggressive, and if this continues for a while, the axolotls will attack each other.

  • juvenile period

Growing axolotls show abnormal behavior when they are young and during the juvenile period. Their body metabolism is higher and they get hungry quickly. They have more curiosity and get stressed faster. They are very active and restless. All these things may cause tension between young axolotls and other axolotls; as a result, they may attack each other.

  • Taste of Blood

like other carnivores, axolotls are sensitive to the smell of blood, and this will cause violence in their behavior. Especially if one of them is injured, the others will not have mercy on him and will eat him as food.

  • Privacy

axolotls are very sensitive to their privacy and do not like to be disturbed. If you keep too many axolotls together and there is not enough space for them, they will become very aggressive and attack each other.

Axolotls like to live alone and usually do not tolerate each other. but if you follow the above, you can keep them together and there will be no problem.

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Do Axolotls bite hurt?

Do Axolotls bite hurt?

The body of axolotls is more like a fish. Their skin is very sensitive and thin. Also, the axolotl bones are mostly cartilaginous. Their teeth are also not hard and big. That’s why axolotl bite doesn’t hurt.

They have many teeth in their mouth but their teeth are very small. They use their teeth to hold prey in their mouths. If axolotls bite your finger you will not be seriously injured. Their teeth are small and soft. Also, their jaw muscles do not have the power to pierce human skin.

Most people get shocked when bitten by an axolotl. Because the Axolotl is very fast and will bite your hand suddenly and quickly, this causes sudden fear in humans. But in general, the chances of them harming you are very low.

There are rare cases in which an axolotl bite causes wounds and bleeding in humans. In these cases, you are more likely to damage the Axolotl. Because they are very vulnerable creatures, when bitten by an axolotl, if you pull your hand back quickly, you may injure it. The best way to avoid this is not to hand feed the Axolotl.


What should we do if an axolotl bites us?

axolotls bite

If an axolotl bites your hand, don’t forget the most important thing is to be calm and cool because there is no danger to you. Do not make sudden movements and keep calm. It is true that the Axolotl will suddenly bite your hand, but try not to pull your hand back.

Never try to force your hand out of an axolotl’s mouth. This will cause you to damage the Axolotl. If you keep your hand still, usually the Axolotl quickly realizes that your finger is not food and lets go of your hand.

After that, wash your hands immediately with detergent. The chances of an axolotl’s teeth piercing your skin and causing bleeding are very low. But if this happens, clean and bandage your finger with disinfectant and see a doctor.

Always remember that it is possible to get salmonella.


NOTE: Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling axolotls because they are sensitive creatures, and contamination can easily be transferred from your hands to them. Although these animals can regenerate their damaged organs, it will take a long time and the best way is to prevent the animal from getting injured.



Axolotls are carnivores. If you try to touch them, they may bite you. They do this for two reasons: when they feel threatened or when they mistake your finger for food.

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In nature when the Axolotl feels threatened, it runs away and hides. Because there is not much space in their tank to run and hide, they may bite your hand to defend themselves.

Also, due to their poor eyesight, axolotls may mistake your fingers for food. Don’t worry if an axolotl bites you. Keep calm and don’t pull your hand back suddenly because you are more likely to hurt them.

Axolotls have soft, small teeth and rarely cause wounds or bleeding. If you keep your hand still, the Axolotl will quickly realize that your hand is not food and will let go of your hand. Then, if your hand is injured, disinfect it immediately and see a doctor.



  • Do axolotls bite?

Yes, axolotls are carnivores and if you put your hands close to them, they may bite your finger.


  • Why do axolotls bite humans?

Axolotls bite humans for two reasons when they feel threatened to defend themselves. And when they are hungry and mistake your hand for food.


  • Do axolotls bite each other?

Yes, axolotls are not social animals and they prefer solitude and if you keep them together, they may attack each other.


  • Do axolotls bite hurt?

Axolotls have soft and small teeth that they use to hold prey. They are very unlikely to harm you.


  • What should we do if an axolotl bites us?

Try to stay calm and do not force your hand out of the Axolotl’s mouth as you may injure it. If you keep your hand steady, Axolotl will release your hand. Then, if your hand is injured, disinfect it and see a doctor.

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